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Arnolds Home Improvement Case Studies: Siding Repair in Wauseon, OH

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This home in Wauseon, OH had siding that was falling off of the front of the home. This was hurting the curb appeal and leaving the home susceptible to moisture damage. Also in other areas of the home, there was flashing so water was getting in between the siding and the roofing.


To help with these problems our crew reinstalled the siding in some areas and was forced to remove it in other areas and install all new vinyl siding. Also, we were able to add flashing so water wouldn't get behind the siding. We also noticed that in some areas there was no moisture barrier behind the siding so moisture could potentially find its way to the wood beams which can lead to rot and other forms of damage. We always try to be as helpful as possible and find repairs that are best for the homeowners and the home!


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