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Pre-Construction Checklist

Pre-Construction Checklist

Each job represents a very big investment on the part of the homeowner. Everything we do is to create an enjoyable and successful home improvement experience for you. Our goal is to make sure everything is considered and done right.

Dust and Debris – Just about everything we do will generate dust and debris. Every effort will be made to curtail, but 100% elimination is impossible. We will cover anything and everything that you direct us to.

Cleanup – It is our intention to leave your job in a “broom clean” condition at the end of each day.

Schedules – At project commencement, you will be provided with a schedule which will track the progress of your job from start to finish. Daily project updates with your crew leader will be provided via phone or email.

Delays – Some projects encounter a few delays. Some are due to suppliers (the material you want is out of stock, etc.). Other delays can occur if, once the project is started, a situation is exposed that causes the original plan to be delayed or modified. We do everything we can to keep delays to a minimum.

Payment of Invoice – Payment is due upon complete satisfaction with your project. Prompt payment is expected and appreciated.

Children – A construction site could pose various dangers to children. We ask that children not be allowed on the construction site, especially during work hours. If it is necessary for children to be either in or around work areas at any time, we ask that they be closely supervised.

Pets – Home improvement projects can be a trying experience for pets as well. We will try to accommodate your pet as best as possible. Please inform us what to do if your pet “gets out” and any gates that need to be kept closed.

Parking – Before your project begins, please let us know of a designated area for Arnolds Home Improvement employees to park. We would like you to let us know any specific concerns regarding your neighbors.

Trash Disposal – We will either set a dumpster or establish a trash pile for regular pickup by our own dump truck. A suitable location for trash (a dumpster) should be established.

Landscaping – During the normal course of construction, damage to the driveway, curbs, sidewalks, patios, adjoining plantings, and sod may be beyond the control of Arnolds Home Improvement. Arnold’s is not responsible for this damage, but we will make every effort to avoid or minimize such damage as best as possible.

Communication – Your job will be assigned a job foreman and customer service representative. The job foreman will be the job site manager, overseeing Arnolds Home Improvement employees and subcontractors. The job foreman is available to answer any questions from the client during the project and has a cell phone on site. The job foreman and customer service representative are available by phone or email. Daily project updates will be provided via phone or email. This is a communication tool that provides answers to questions, schedule updates, requests, etc. The job foreman is always available to meet with you for any reason. Once the project is complete, we will schedule a walk through with the job foreman to ensure the work was done to your 100% satisfaction.

Material – If necessary, an area should be selected to store new materials that are delivered for your project.

Conduct – All people working on your project are expected to keep their shirts on at all times, keep radios at a low volume, smoke only in their vehicles and dispose of cigarettes properly, refrain from any obscenities and clean up after themselves. Please notify the job foreman if any of these expectations are not being met.

Change Orders – Change orders will be priced and presented for approval prior to the commencement of additional work. Any necessary schedule adjustments will be made to reflect the change order.

Code Requirements – If code work appears that was not specified, this work will be completed by means of a change order.

Yard Signs – We would like your permission to set one of our signs in your yard. This sign not only helps our company generate business, but it also gives your neighbors our phone number in case they have any problems or concerns regarding our activity in the neighborhood. The sign also serves as a marker for material deliveries and sub-contractors.

Surveys and Referrals – Our goal is to continue our track record of superior survey scores. If we ever fall below expectations, please let us know. Once you are 100% satisfied, we will ask you if you know anyone who could also benefit from our services.

Pictures – It is our intention to take pictures of each project prior to the start of the job and at its conclusion. Upon completion of the project, the job foreman will schedule a time with you for “after” pictures. With your permission, the photos of your project may show up on our website.

Post Construction – During your job normal and standard construction practices and techniques will be followed. These practices are based on all existing conditions being standard. However, not all current conditions will be normal.

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