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Ugly Roof Contest Top Ten Winners Announced!

Ugly Roof Contest Winners Announced!

Toledo, OH - August 21, 2018

On August 19th, 2018 the top ten finalists of our Ugly Roof Contest were brought out on to the field and announced live at Toledo Mudhens game. Go to our Facebook page and click "LIKE" on the house that you want to win. We would love to have you join us for the announcement of the winner! Here are their stories! 

1. Alison Alfred, Toledo, OH

I am the only one working in our family because my husband is disabled and has Stage 4 Cancer. I have been trying to pay our regular bills and my husband’s cancer treatment bills along with his doctor bills and his pharmacy bills. I am trying to stay afloat, but it has been so hard. The roof is leaking in our upstairs which is right over my husband’s bedroom. This is not good for a person with cancer. I am trying to keep up with my own health, but I have not been able to do this because of my husband’s cancer. As you see my house is a mess and I just want to make the house healthy to live in for my husband and I. Please pick us...I can’t afford to get a new roof, pay my regular bills, buy food and pay my husband’s cancer treatment bills. Thanks!

2. Jen JacksonToledo, OH

My roof lost several shingles in a wind storm a couple years back. They were replaced (as you can see). The roof is worn, mis-matched, and even more shingles are missing this year (I even found one in the bottom of my pool when it got opened this spring - funny, not funny). Please consider “Arnold-ifying” our ugly roof!

3. Jodi Peacock, Toledo, OH 

I am a single mom of eight-year-old autistic twins. I have been blessed with two wonderful children. Their progress and success comes with countless hours of dedication and support from their mom. We work through anxiety and meltdowns together. I also work full time and live paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet. I don’t have much time to meet with contractors and this would be a gift we need.

4. Anthony Urbanski, Toledo, OH

My brother died in this house and I am buying it from my parents. He didn’t have the money to repair the roof and I have been in between jobs for over a month. I have been doing all that I can to fix things, but a roof just is not in the budget. My neighbors bring me shingles after storms and we laugh about it, but I am afraid the water will start getting inside and causing more damage.

5. Robyn Mercer, Oregon, OH

Robyn Williams Mercer, When my now 7-year-old son was diagnosed with the same rare Connective Tissue Disorder, without treatment or cure as I suffer from-it became crystal clear that despite the risk to our financial stability, packing up and leaving it all behind to move towards the arms of loved ones would be the best medicine for our hearts. I needed to find a place that felt like magic, on days where distraction from pain and illness were paramount- a sanctuary, a quiet, safe place, where fun could be had, and all were welcome and would want to come to us, even when we could not get to them. And after a year of living packed into a small apartment, I invested all of my savings into the perfect home, where nature could be our medicine, where the birds sang, and the wind spoke through the trees, where the water was close, and the air smelled fresh. And although I am now out of savings, investing everything I had into making this house a home, and being totally disabled have no way of earning an extra income, and the roof has for some months been leaking through my bedroom ceiling fan onto my feet, with water damage spreading across ceiling, growing by the day; I will never regret this leap of faith because it has brought purpose and meaning to our lives, where before we could only focus on how we felt or what specialist appointment was next. So, with hope in my heart, and a wish out to the universe I am putting our future into your hands, praying for a miracle; a miracle fix to a problem I have no way of solving, in order to continue to thrive in our heart space we call home-please help me show my son that even impossible dreams can come true!

6. Natalie Errett, Toledo, OH

I just bought my FIRST house all by myself and am in love, however the roof is growing moss monsters EV- ERYWHERE! The roof is over 18 years old. It has had spots that were replaced by the previous owner. So not only does it have moss monsters growing on it but it’s also streaky and multicolored. My roof looks SCARY! Please help a girl out by making my HOME better.

7. Paula Johnson, Toledo, OH 

Single mom lost EVERYTHING in a divorce after 21 yrs., I’ve had kidney surgery and still busted my but with no help to buy a house, and my son and I a vehicle. I could really use some help, my roof is leaking, and I JUST lost my job. I’d be so appreciative, and I’m a great cook, I’ll make you some homemade chicken parm, or lasagna, you name it to attempt to thank you for changing my life!!

8. Leslie Galan, Toledo, OH

Whether we are chosen or not, a solid roof is a necessity and we recently discovered that we need a new one. We have been through the ringer with our house. It was built in 1959. It has been a part of my husband's family for 4 generations. However, it seemed that when we bought the house in 2006, many things had been neglected over the years. It has been a true struggle to replace and refurbish the house. We've had many expenses out of pocket ($40,000+) over the past 12 years, such as; new doors and windows, new driveway, a budget kitchen remodel, a total central heat and air upgrade, and most recently 2 bathrooms were remodeled by Arnold's.  Boy, it never seems to end. This "gift" would help us out a lot. We really appreciate the opportunity to participate in this giveaway.  

9. Laura Hicks, Toledo, OH 

My family deserves a new roof because gardens belong on the ground, not the roof. Toledo is a beautiful, thriving city and I want to have pride that my home contributes to its growing positive reputation. I don’t want my home to be a thorn in Toledo’s side. I know the value of a quality roof system and want to make sure my loved ones are protected for many years to come. A new roof would bring pride and a sense of peace that words cannot express.

10.  Tara Clay, Toledo, OH 

After a 2 year long very nasty divorce, I finally won my house back from my very bitter ex-husband who has sabotaged everything from my central air unit to the electrical wiring. It’s costing a fortune to get my house back together. My roof is old and ugly and will need replaced soon but it would be nice if that’s one less thing I’d have to worry about.

Voting will be open until August 31, 2018.

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