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Mellwood Ct. in Toledo
Large old weeping willow fell on back garage. I need a quote to: 1. Remove tree and debris 2. Rebuild damaged portions of the garage roof, facia, soffit, etc. 3. Reroof by removal of existing roof, new felt or other and new roofing to match existing home. 4. Rebuild adjacent arbor. Arbor to have Qty 4 4x4x12's, natrual wood branches as cross members along side of arbor and at top of each 4x4.
Park Ridge Ln in Toledo
Garage build
Kinder in Toledo
Gutter are not doing a good job and need updatrd adjusted or reolaced.
Point Pleasant Way in Toledo
We received a quote earlier this year. However we got busy with other things. Now we are ready to get the bathroom done. Please advise. Dave
Sheila Dr in Toledo
I am want to know my options for the tub and shower. The tub and stall looks dingy and I don't like replacing the caulking every year.
Noble in Toledo
I'm having many issues my roof is most important right now, My front window and also gutters
Willamont Rd in Toledo
in Toledo
Leck n roof
Algonquin Pkwy. in Toledo
50 year old roof. Cracked and brittle. Need 2 roof vents and electric roof mounted attic ventilator. Big project!!
WARREN ST in Toledo
I am getting a leak around the chimney area
Lockwood Avenue in Toledo
Wood siding with lead based paint, need to install new siding on all exterior
Hempstead in Toledo
Have a leak in my roof, and also need new windows
Douglas Rd in Toledo
I need an quote on estimated damages to replace roof on my home
in Toledo
Attention Manager/Owner. Hello how are you? My name is Craig Johnson. I would like to know if you can do a perfect job for me? i need a Full Roof Repair on my new Home, I Will like to know if you can do this for me and what major credit card do you accept , Kindly let me know and send me your full shop address with cell number so i can text you all the details. Regards
Schneider Rd in Toledo
Yesterday my husband and I noticed a new stain on our dining room ceiling, so we marked the area off with painter's tape to see if it expanded with all this rain we have coming. This morning, a new stain appeared next to it approximately the same same. We would like someone to come out to have it looked at before it gets worse. Thank you!
Melrose Ave in Toledo
I have a garage with a collapsed roof and broken doors. I was told it must be torn down. I would like to know if it can be repaired for a cost close to tearing it down. The roof is gone. It is two car but, the side with the broken door can be framed in , eliminating the second door.
Grimes Golden Drive in Toledo
In the midst of home remodeling. Just re-did some landscaping and have central air being installed this week. Have family member doing windows later this year but need siding. We are only going to live in the house 5 years. There is currently faded aluminum siding that's still in pretty good condition overall. Debating repainting the aluminum vs buying new vinyl. Want quote on vinyl to see which way will make the most sense!
White Oak Dr in Toledo
We are selling our home and during the home buyers inspection they noted some shingles have lifted and there are exposed nail heads on flashing. Also, gutter extension on roof is missing from upper to lower roof. Need someone to repair immediately.
Nela Parkway in Toledo
I have a small leak in my roof and would like it inspected and quoted.
Sherbrooke Rd in Toledo
Leaky roof needs patched
Cherrylawn Dr in Toledo
Looking to replace our roof and would like a new roof estimate
Wendover Dr in Toledo
Looking for estimates for a new roof on house and possible bathroom remodel
Willys Pkwy in Toledo
Considering installing new shower and bath or changing out loose bath/shower fixtures.
Torgler Ave in Toledo
I need a quote for a roof replacement. We have had shingles come off due to wind due to the age of the roof. .
Bowen Road in Toledo
My flat roofing needs to be fixed/replaced. It is leaking
Goddard Rd. in Toledo
I would like an estimate to have my gutters and downspouts replaced.
W Rerraceview in Toledo
Where top of house drops over garage that wall has a leak perhaps needs flashing???
Wilshire Ave in Toledo
I am obtaining quotes for a rehab house and have been referred to you from my coworker! I look forward to hearing from you! Jenneken Quote 1. New roof Quote 2. New replacement windows (single hung, tear out to vinyl replacement) Quote 3. New front door New entry door (from garage to kitchen)
Gilhouse Rd in Toledo
Replacing shingles and repairing some areas. In need of full gutter replacement also
Grimsby Place in Toledo
Repair a pipe that is leaking under tub Rip out old floor Nd replace with new New tub Some repairs from leek New vanity and sink and hardware Paint
in Toledo
Looking to re-do bathroom floor, partial wall, and new sink.
Castlewood Drive in Toledo
Flat rubber roof blew off during last windstorm on back of our house. Need quote to repair/replace. Also have shingles in the front of the house that are loose and falling due to not being nailed properly by last contractor. Would like someone to look at this also and quote separately.
Berwick Ave in Toledo
Gutter replacement.
Cheltanham in Toledo
Bathroom & Kitchen remodel
Kensington Road in Toledo
I need all new vinyl siding, majority of my windows need to be replaced, I have one window that needs to be taken out due to a bathroom remodel, I need a new front door.
Oakdale in Toledo
Flat roof
Dorr St in Toledo
Bathtub, wall and flooring need replaced due to water damage
Elmhurst Rd in Toledo
I would like to replace the front and back exterior doors. I would like to replace the exterior door at the top of the stairs with the existing front door. I would like to replace all of the exterior front door decorative trim. I need some suggestions on siding options around the breakfast nook windows.
Revere Dr. in Toledo
Remodel Bathroom Remove tile shower and bathtub that is showing signs of mold Replace cabinets and sink vanity Install Bathroom fan Install can or skylight in shower Replace door
Harvest Lane, --- in Toledo
Roof leaking around chimney you returned my call and at time I had another repair that I had to take care of Please call again
Fairbanks Ave in Toledo
Looking for an estimate for new windows.
Stanwix Drive in Toledo
Cost is a huge concern, while we desperately need our entire bathroom redone we don't require extravagance just comfort, repairs and affordable aesthetics. Please help!
Jodore in Toledo
Siding and gutter, free quote.
Drummond Rd in Toledo
House is always cold wondering how much to insulate attic better
Rushland Avenue in Toledo
I'm buying a home and woud like to know the cost of siding it.
-Kitchen remodel: new cabinets, floors, countertops -wood plankflooring: Liv rm, (kitchen), and hallway - replace vanity and install wainscoting in bathroom
Primrose Ave in Toledo
Have aluminum siding that is on it now that is aged
Tulane Ave in Toledo
Want to put a airtub and walk in shower in Master bathroom
Silverpine Ct in Toledo
Storage in the Garage to store a variety of Bins, ceiling / wall mounted.
Mayfair in Toledo
I need to finish remodeling my bathroom.. the walls need pulled out and re- dry walled.and finished so we can paint.. I need all new fixtures and floor put I. Which I have bought all of the materials just need put in
Dixie Dr in Toledo
I have a walk in shower that I would like to change to a tub with a shower.
Philmar Dr in Toledo
Roof is in rough shape. looking for tear off, new roof, and gutters. 2 layers of shingle existing i estimate 5-7 boards that will need replaced
Oakwood Ave in Toledo
I woul like tp get a estament on a new roof
Emmajean Road in Toledo
We are looking to get a quote for insulating the house we just purchased. If it was possible to get the quote today, that would be incredible.
Garden Park Dr in Toledo
A kid was in the home rough housing and knocking a hole in the wall. The hole is located in the kitchen area.
Luann Ave in Toledo
Castlewood Dr in Toledo
Estimate for: Update 2nd floor bathroom with new fixtures and vanity (excluding toilet). Replace plumbing.
Jay Street in Toledo
Purchased security doors & would like them installed
Brussels St in Toledo
2 double pane windows
Crary Dr in Toledo
We had a piece of molding that was ripped out when counter tops were put in. We need it replaced.
Wamba Ave in Toledo
We just added a second story to our building and need eve spouts and awnings installed on our building.
Provincetowne Drive in Toledo
Need to replace wood trim in living and dining room and hallway. Replace closet doors. Need advice on placing texture on flat wall board after removing wallpaper in dining room.
Dorr St in Toledo
Looking for best offer to replace home residential home windows
California Blvd. in Toledo
Would like to get an estimate on cabinet refacing, countertop with sink install and possibly back splash installation as well
Clover Ln in Toledo
We need gutters installed on a small one-story home in Toledo. We estimate we will need about 80 ft. of gutters, and maybe 4-5 downspouts. There is no gutter currently installed. Thank you.
Watson in Toledo
Leak into hallway, flashing problem. Email contact is better
Evesham Ave in Toledo
Garrison Road in Toledo
We have a 3 seasons porch that has rubber roofing on it. Its been replaced 3+ times in 19 years. It seems to have a part sticking up that I'm worried about even more water getting in the already damaged interior roof over winter. We just wanted an estimate on cost to fix or replace.
Broadway in Toledo
Roof and gutters falling off. Windows old and need replaced... Need a quote for both together and then separately .. Thank you.
Warner Ave in Toledo
Bath and shower replacement
South Avenue in Toledo
I need to have a roof replacement and a basement bathroom and basement remodel.
Earl Street in Toledo
Bathroom remodel estimate.
Strathmoor in Toledo
Kitchen repair/remodel..Insulate and fix walls.. Fix electrical. Some plumbing. And maybe do the flooring..
Cummings Ave in Toledo
Would like to replace all the gutters on my house. Fascia board on west side of the house also needs replacement.
Birkdale Rd in Toledo
Need shingles and gutters replaced.
Charlestown Ave in Toledo
New back door with frame needed due to wear and tear and wood separation
Elaine in Toledo
We need insulation and new siding..well, want!!! ;)
Algonquin in Toledo
Need trim repaired and caulked on roof and eves looked at
Fleet Rd in Toledo
Our shower wall tile is coming apart and has.come undone by the faucet already..the entire wall tiling needs to be replaced... standard tub.... would love a quote
Nantuckett in Toledo
Looking to replace four patio doors
Broadway Street in Toledo
Need full renovation of a house (except roof) built in 1855.
Gay Street in Toledo
Need a drain moved for a new tub and shower surround, and water pipes moved from coming up in the floor, to into the wall. Please email me.. Hard to answer phone at work. Thanks!
Brogan Dr in Toledo
I would like to have my roof inspected to get an estimate of how much it will cost me to replace/re-roof. I would love also to get a honest estimate of age of the roof.
Drummond Rd in Toledo
Small bathroom - but still would have to be completed in stages for price concerns wallpaper needs to be removed - wall fixed tile around shower & lower part of wall to begin with all will depend on pricing
Fries Ave, Toledo in Toledo
I have a leak in the roof need to be fixed
Hopewell Place in Toledo
I need to have gutter guards installed on my home and a length of gutter added to connect a downspout to a gutter.
in Toledo
Remodel bath. Remove tub and install walk in shower. Install a pocket door for more room
Elgin in Toledo
Interested in tub to shower...1 day remodeling
Nash Rd in Toledo
Need estimate to replace gutter system. And estimate to replace siding on back of house and estimate to replace rear entry door.
Acorn Drive in Toledo
We would like to get an estimate on gutter/downspout replacement (white) and soffits around the entire house - including under the overhang on the back porch. (white) We are the owners of the home - and our daughter is the resident.
Willamont Rd in Toledo
Looking at putting house on the market in next couple years and want to make sure roof is in good condition.
Bricker in Toledo
Landlord says some shingles need replaced but I wanna make sure roof is good
Helene Ct in Toledo
I need gutters
Helene Ct in Toledo
I need gutters
Murnen Rd in Toledo
Need an estimate on a new roof and possible replacement.
Cedarhurst in Toledo
Tree fell onto roof of my home, the tree was removed today, need the damaged areas tarped and a quote on repair/replacement for insurance adjuster
GOODALE in Toledo
Roor leaking in closet/balcony leaks
W Lincolnshire in Toledo
We are looking to get new Windows and siding. We'd like to get smaller windows installed.
in Toledo
Leakage where porch and house join is causing damage to siding. Need problem corrected and damaged siding replaced.
in Toledo
Need new gutters
E Pearl in Toledo
Want to cover old tub and wrap around walls
in Toledo
Placing home up for sale, remodeled inside, painted out, paint does not look so good, thinking of siding over it. Cost is a concern for value of home but so is quick sell. The address listed is not the address where work needed. Need financing since we have used up resources.
in Toledo
We would like an estimate for Labor, to put faux stone siding on our chimney. We bought all the materials, but are Leary of doing it ourselves.
Hamilton in Toledo
Need a new roof
Harbord in Toledo
I had a flood in my kitchen from my hot water tank leaking, part of my kitchen floor is torn up to the concrete I also have some drywall torn out. I would like to get an estimate to repair this
Continental Blve in Toledo
We need an estimate to Remove and replace house roof - included shingles, drip edge, #15 felt and flashing. Thanks
Midlawn in Toledo
I need 3 pieces of aluminum fascia covering replaced. Wind has blown them off.
Rushland Ave in Toledo
I need gutters put on my garage. It is a detached garage that is 360 sq ft.
Bucklew Dr in Toledo
Need front gutter replaced. 36 feet long straight piece with left side downspout connection.
Western in Toledo
We are currently seeking estimates for the replacement of our roof. THe current roof is green terra-cotta tile laid over a felt roll. We are seeking to turn the roof into a metal roof, but still keep the clay roof look. Also we are seeking estimates on our restrooms as we desire to turn them into handicapped accessibility. Thank you
Vance St. in Toledo
I need a new roof and gutters
Regents Park Bl in Toledo
I am either painting my aluminum siding or replacing with vinyl, so Im looking for a quote on that. I would also like my roof inspected for any storm damage that may be covered by insurance. contact me via email, I'm not sure my phone number is right, I just got a new number.
Elmway Dr. in Toledo
I have a few bathrooms to remodel and a windows to replace. Also I'm looking for a front door. But first. Do you do masonry work? I have bricks that need repaired asap.
Barrington in Toledo
Leaking rubber roof.
Primrose Ave in Toledo
Need estimate on sideing
Hawk in Toledo
I have what appears is water damage in one of my bedrooms. It is seeping into the ceiling from the nearby chimney. I would like to have repaired asap before the issue gets much worse.
in Toledo
Cracked bathtub. Leaking through the ceiling downstairs.
Larchway Rd in Toledo
I am in need of having a few cabinets in the kitchen trimmed so the refrigerator and microwave can be placed in the correct location. Also, would like the microwave installed. Exhaust fan is in current location.
Monac Dr. in Toledo
Have a damaged gutter on the back part of house; would like an inspection of that area and a potential trouble area that tends to get ice build-up in the winter.
Winchester Road in Toledo
Need replacements.
Lakewood St. in Toledo
I'm looking to replace my current gutters.
Briarcrest Rd in Toledo
We have a brick ranch with partial siding and some of the wood in the peaks is really bad would like to have that wrapped and reside the house
Shadowood Ln in Toledo
See above. I'd like to get the amount for the estimate for the deck.
W Bancroft St in Toledo
We are in need of gutter guards, as well as gutter & downspout cleaning. We may also need repair to certain parts of the existing gutters.
Friarton Circle in Toledo
Looking for a new entry door without replacing the frame.
Dolores Ave. in Toledo
Roof leaking in rear bedroom
San Jo Se in Toledo
Vinyl siding and windows
NEVADA ST in Toledo
Water leaking in to attic around the chimney. Probably need the flashing replaced and sealed.
Grayling Place in Toledo
Walk-in Shower AND flat roof replace.
Deane Drive in Toledo
Price on new roof and chimney fixed
Penn Rd in Toledo
I have a wall in my bathroom that is lath and plaster. The wall keeps cracking and peeling and I'm guessing it needs replaced with drywall and textured.
in Toledo
I would like to get a quote for putting insulation in my attic.
Mockingbird Lane in Toledo
I have a leak in my roof over one of the bedroom windows and need someone to come out and fix the leak.
Drummond Rd in Toledo
Would like information on repairing or replacing a flat roof
in Toledo
Hi, I recently had my gutters cleaned, My contractor said there was a soft spot on the roof. I was wondering if I could get an estimate for repair if repairs were needed, and also an estimate for replacing the entire roof/layering on shingles when the times comes that I need to do that. I would prefer email contact as I work in an office and do not like to take personal calls while at work. Thank you, Ted Woods
Seckinger Dr. in Toledo
Need repair on front roof
Letchworth PKWY in Toledo
Putting a new deck on our front porch and changing the porch roof supports from metal to wood posts.
Angel Ave in Toledo
Looking to remodel a long over due 1963 1400sq ft basement.
Tall Pines Drive in Toledo
Small job; repair. Recent high wind removed a piece of roof trim board vinyl siding. Need quote to match and replace. This is the main call. While there; have a roof leak in area of HVAC exhaust only when wind blows from a certain direction. A flashing may need re-work. In a couple years, downstairs will be finished into rec-room. Has a full bath contractor pre-set; wouldn't mind taking a figure for budgeting for this as well. House 3 years old. Thanks!
Cowan in Toledo
We had wind damage from the wind storm a week and a half ago. Filed a claim with insurance for missing shingle damage and we received approval from the insurance. We need a whole new roof and I need a quote please
Fir Lane in Toledo
I need a roof replacement on my 2 car garage.
Charlestown in Toledo
Recently bought a house, need some minor drywall work done in the bathroom.
Elmhurst Rd. in Toledo
Need 16 replacement windows on an older home
Eleanor in Toledo
I have a second floor bathroom that needs a new tub/shower. The location of the tub is such that I would like to add a dormer for additional headroom in the shower.
Plum Leaf Lane in Toledo
I have French doors right now leading out to the deck. I would like a quote on a sliding door or even new French doors....I don't feel that the door is a secure door.
Fairview Drive in Toledo
Have existing leak and will need some repairs done to roof.
St. Bernard in Toledo
We want vinyl installed on our home
Kingston Ave in Toledo
I have a small fist sized hole the roof of my 2 story home. Im pretty sure a squirrel chewed through it. The roof is in pretty bad shape overall but I would like to have someone come out and give me a quote on fixing the hole as well as a quote for a new roof which I will be having done in the fall of 2017. Please feel free to contact me at the number provided and leave a message Im usually working. Thanks.
Cottage Ave in Toledo
I need a Kitchen Sink and bathroom tolit shower stall installation Quote . Do you have go financing.
in Toledo
Tub to shower conversion
Chimney needs flashed
Heatherdowns Blvd in Toledo
I need an estimate on a roof, complete tear off & replace.
We have an older home that our children live in while attending UT. The bathtub needs to be replaced or refitted.
Douglas Rd in Toledo
Front sidding replaced
Gordon St in Toledo
Bathroom remodel. Need tub and area ripped out and replaced
Eleanor in Toledo
Need estimate for 16 windows put in home and also 4 block windows put in basement
Charlestown Ave in Toledo
Back door and screen door need replaced maybe others but number one is back doors
Grantwood Dr. in Toledo
Looking for estimate on attic insulation..
in Toledo
I have a leak above entry door of my home.
Avondale in Toledo
Need new stairs that lead to an upstairs apartment replaced, along with railings. Also shower repair with tiles falling off the wall.
Winston Blvd in Toledo
I am looking to remodel an older bathroom by putting in a tiled stand up shower with sliding glass doors, plumb a room next to it to install a new master suit. Also interested in replacing the galvanized pluming in the house with pex if possible. I will only have about $8000 to spend and am planning on doing whatever i can to stretch that money, including tearing everything out before construction starts. This will also be my home in a short time so the work will need to happen on the faster side. I would love to get an in home estimate to get a better idea of what it will all cost. thank you very much for your fast response.
Bowen Rd in Toledo
The trim around my front door is rotting and needs to be replaced.
I have three areas around the sides of my house where moisture has gotten in and caused rotting wood. The area has been repaired and painted before but apparently it was not done correctly. I would like to get an estimate on repair costs. Thanks.
Eileen Road in Toledo
I need a new roof
N. Summit in Toledo
Need new roof, about 1800 Sq. Ft. 2 story
Hoiles Ave in Toledo
Small projects
Raymer Blvd in Toledo
I had a fire on front porch,and got some water damage in living room insurance company has been contacted, I need to get estimates, insurance adjuster has been here waiting on paperwork
Eileen Rd in Toledo
I have several down spouts going into the ground at 2 of our properties. Does your company repair those through the city's grant?
Burnham in Toledo
Roof repair/replacement on front valley
Commonwealth in Toledo
We are in serious need of a bathroom renovation!
Lima in Toledo
Bexford Pl in Toledo
1. Roof frame structure problem. A poster connecting to the ridge board shifts its position, causing the piece of wood under the poster to tilt downward and crack a hole on the ceiling. 2. Estimate for new roof installation. My roof shingles seem to be old. Thanks!
Hoiles Ave in Toledo
We need an estimate for Roof, Exterior storms.
Regina Pkwy in Toledo
Need estimate on replacing (4) 7'6" front porch posts. Currently cedar posts with 6" wood trim at base & 3" wood trim at top.

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